Bleuberrie’s “top 10 issues to solve”

This morning First Secretary Napoléon Bleuberrie made a statement revealing his government had a “top 10 issues to solve”, ten different major obstacles he and his ministers intended to solve before 2013. Bleuberrie had quickly gained support and influence in Sabia and Verona and it was already known somehow that the Sabioveronese cabinet had priorities to take. According to Bleuberrie’s statement, the top 10 issues to solve is as follows:

  1. The inhabitation of Verona
  2. The amount of unregistered citizens living in Sabia, currently considered “illegal residents”
  3. The low-quality infrastructure and the little major built facilities
  4. The unhealthy conditions of the Nueva Heredia municipality
  5. Unprotected zones that can be affected by a natural disaster
  6. The free-passage complications between Saint Enric and Caenia
  7. The disorganization of Veronan municipalities
  8. The low amount of rights for minorities within the region
  9. The low use of Sabioveronese language
  10. The low use of fertile soil in Sabia

After finishing his statement, Bleuberrie hed back to the Palàï de Albaricòq to meet with his ministers.


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