Ministry for Home and Demographics distributes new citizens to Verona

Minister Vinter Jens

From yesterday October 23 to today morning October 24, Minister for Home and Demographics Vinter Jens relocated seven new registered citizens to Veronese municipalities, including Listria, Jamirai, Santa Ana de Nuestros Valles and Ícaro, being SAdNV the now most populated Municipality of Verona with a total population of three.

Jens said there will be more people being redirected to Veronese municipalities as soon as there is a good enough amount of new citizens. The growth in the population in Verona is seen as an accomplishment by Jens and Bleuberrie’s Cabinet; and as promised by Bleuberrie himself, Verona is finally gaining population. Jens concluded:

There is an increasing amount of population, Sabia and Verona is quickly growing, and for the better. New citizens will be redirected to Veronese municipalities and that way we will contribute the repopulation of the Veronese area. Soon, the population of both the Sabian region and the Veronese region will be equal.


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