Pyeong-on Monument replaces Saint Peter’s Church

Left: Iglesia de San Pedro de Alcabala
Right: Pyeong-on Monument

Today Alcabala saw how the old St. Peter of Alcabala’s Church, a Catholic temple built before the Sabioveronese annexation to Juclandia, became the Pyeong-on (literally “Serenity” 평온) Monument, with the same material that the Church was made of. The monument represents unity and harmony with all mankind, and Sabia and Verona as a sovereign-spirited. The monument, made from the Church’s “ashes”, represents a new beginning but always remembering the past knowledge and virtues. The Sabioveronese government provided help to build the magnificent monument, that now stands as Alcabala’s symbol.

Pyeong-on is conformed by two pillars, topped by Sabioveronese and Juclandian flags (making allusion to the city’s nickname, the Flag City).

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