Opposition gains territory as new party is founded

Logo of the newly founded Unity Party

The SiV Phonograph is back from its hiatus to serve the Sabioveronese people, with open-minded, neutral and bias-free journalism!

The newly founded opposition movement, the Unity Party (Tong-ildang), led by Graham Müntz, has gained political territory as new members join every day. The party strongly opposes the Government of the Dear Leader Napoléon Bleuberrie and the Great Socialist Party.

While Bleuberrie’s government readies for the upcoming December elections, the Unity Party shows no mercy in publicly criticizing the socialist leader and his government, with accusations of corruption and ridiculous personality cults. The merciful Great Leader and his government have taken no action to suppress the opposition, in yet another show of His Radiance’s true respect for free speech and liberties in Sabia and Verona.

During a brief interview with the Phonograph, newly established opposition leader Müntz has stated:

Sabia and Verona was not founded with socialist bases, this government and its leader have taken outrageous decisions and have proven to be incompetent and highly biased. Bleuberrie does not know the term “transparency”!

The Unity Party seems to have a properly organized campaign for the upcoming December elections that will show whether or not Bleuberrie’s government is what Müntz and his supporters allege it is.


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