Language reform, Karasal Treaty and “Ryəmoništa”

Last December 14 the Courts of Sabia and Verona passed the bill #016 “Language reform” that outlawed the official use of Korean and Spanish languages within the territories of Sabia and Verona and the mass implementation of Sabian language within the regional territory, in accordance with the law. Though seen a move to please the Sabian Nationalist Movement that grew stronger everyday, most Sabioveronese populance seems to agree with the new law and greets the Courts for this new language reform that is called now the Language reform of December 2012. All governmental institutions, offices, parties and educational institutions have already adopted Sabian language as the only official language. Most street signs in Korean have been taken down and replaced with Sabian ones and now the rest of the change is up to municipal governments.

In other news, the Unity Party of Sabia and Verona and the former Sahoedang Socialist Party have signed a peace agreement, compromising to keep the democratic stability of the region and maintaining the integrity of the Sabioveronese government. With this, the Socialist Party (CM), the Unity Party (CeM) and the People’s Government of Sabia and Verona have agreed to create the Regional Committee for Democracy and Stability in Sabia and Verona, also known as the Karasal Committee, in honour to the name of the peace agreement signed by counterparts of the Unity Party and the Socialist Party.

To celebrate this changes for good in Sabia and Verona, the People’s Government commissioned the Music Academy of Saint Enric to compose a new anthem for Sabia and Verona that reflects the now peaceful life of the Sabioveronese people. The new anthem, as declared by the Governor of Sabia and Verona and approved by the Legislative Courts is Ryəmoništa, that in Sabian means “harmony”. The anthem, composed and written by Sabioveronese musicians, represents the glory of the now peaceful, harmonious region that hails from Eastern Venezuela.


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