Late dine in pink: Interview with XAM’s Ryam Piper

XAM logo

XAM logo

Last evening the SiV Phonograph got a chance to interview one of the candidates for the upcoming general election. This was Ryam Piper of the Strawberry Party (XAM), one of the 2013‘s parties, leaded by former Governor Ricardo Oviedo.

The SiV Phonograph (SIVP): Good evening Mr. Piper, thank you for being here.

Ryam Piper (RP): Thank you for having me.

SIVP: So, your campaign has been recognised for being sarcastic and easy going. Can you tell us about that?

RP: The Party’s policies -and probably its very own existence- are sarcastic by themselves. I believe the people of Sabia and Verona need a laugh. But behind the sarcastic front there’s a real message. I suppose only some voters will understand that.

SIVP: Your party has been known for relating itself with the MicroWiki Community the most, or at least it looks like it from here. Why do you think is that?

RP: I think other political parties in Sabia and Verona -and in Juclandia, really- are all about focusing in the national and regional aspects. I like to think the Strawberry Party has a different view, a more international view. A wider concept of micronationality.

SIVP: You have been quoted saying you don’t believe your party will win the elections. Why do you believe you won’t win?

RP: XAM and its campaign are not about winning -they’re about thinking. I don’t mind losing, we’re not a mainstream party. We don’t believe in “having a party in power”, the concept of “ruling party” is a void to me. Also, not all the Sabioveronese people can see through our sarcasm. They see us and they see a joke, a meaningless pink stain.

SIVP: Recently your party has made an alliance with the Pashqari People’s Party. How will this affect your campaign? How will it affect other candidates’ campaigns?

RP: It’s hard to say so from an impartial point of view. I’m Pashqari myself. However I think we did something the Socialist and Unity parties should have done a long time ago. We -the Pashqari people- have really been ignored. The XAM didn’t get an alliance with the PMM to get the vote of the Pashqari people, but I wouldn’t be estranged if we triumph in Verona. Not to sound cocky, but we’ve already taken Tegula.

SIVP: Is the officialisation of the Pashqar language along your policies?

RP: Yes. Definately. We support multiculturalism. Sabia and Verona is not Sabia or Verona. We’re together in this, and no one should be left ignored.

SIVP: You’re currently studying at the Elinore University. How is it to be the youngest and less experienced candidate?

RP: I don’t think it’s an important factor. I already hold political offices in Tegula and I’m member of the Higher Student Council. The FSF candidate, Anton Schubert hadn’t finished his studies when he was appointed Minister for Education and Welfare. He graduated after the FSF was legalised. I remember being there.

SIVP: That’s right, you’re part of the HSC of Elinore. Do you think your policies in the University can be transcribed to your position as First Secretary in case you win?

RP: Maybe. Hopefully Dr. Schubert won’t be in my back if I’m elected!

SIVP: Tell us more about you. Are you religious?

RP: I wouldn’t say so. I follow the Pahunnia, yes. But I don’t think I’m very religious. I don’t like to mess with religion, and I wouldn’t like to talk about religion. It’s swampy. A dangerous path.

SIVP: What languages do you speak?

RP: I speak English natively. Being Pashqari, I speak Pashqar -how surprising is that?- and I like to think I’m fluid in Sabian. I can defend myself in Spanish too.

SIVP: One last question. What is your favourite colour?

RP: Pink.


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