Tegula recognises Pashqar language, PMM celebrates

This morning the City Council of the Veronan municipality of Tegula recognised the Pashqar language as official alongside Sabian. Ratified by Lt. Secretary Valentina Giallosso of the Strawberry Party, the language of the Pashqari people was given official status. The leader of the Pashqari People’s Party – Virtue (PMM), Rhaegal Marlaryen met with Giallosso and held a gathering in the party’s headquarters, also located in the Veronan municipality. Tegula is  the municipality with the largest number of PMM members and also the largest number of Pashqar-speaking people.

The Tegula City Council, composed of five members, passed the motion 4-1. The leader of the Righteous Faith League (OBL), Hans Starlynn, was quoted saying “first it’ll be in the Southwestern municipalities, next it will be in Salisse.“. The OBL is known to have opposed the officialisation of the Pashqar language in Sabia and Verona. On the other hand, Marlaryen said Tegula was “a step ahead of other municipalities” as it becomes the first subdivision to recognise the Pashqar language, and the second one to use another language besides Sabian and Spanish officially, after Elinore.

Lt. Secretary Giallosso said that the Strawberry Party would collaborate with the PMM in order to achieve officialisation in other Municipalities, especially Abrelia.

This would be the third media-covered issue linked to the Pashqari Community, making the current Socialist Minister for Home and Demographics Snø Jens declaring May the “regional month of the Pashqari grievance” as a joke. Marlaryen would later politely ask Jens to apologise.


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