Müntz: Why are we not part of the Conservative Union?


Earlier today upon searching for evil domination plans in MicroWiki, Unity Party leader Graham Müntz found out there is apparently a Conservative Union of political parties of micronations. Interested, Müntz called over Unity Party members Osez Kóvérsz and Ann Stefanović, that rushed as Müntz pleaded for urgency. In an emergency meeting of the Unity Party higher council, the Barons of the conservative party discussed the reasons of why Unity had not joined the Conservative Union as of yet. Kóvérsz blamed Müntz for not having investigated further before; Müntz blamed Kóvérsz as it was his responsability during his term as First Secretary; Stefanović yelled at her son Dmitri for trying to eat glue and as Socialist politician Ernesto DaVilha passed by, he mocked the fact that the Conservative Union logo reads “cu” which means “ass” in Portuguese. 

At the end of the meeting, Müntz made a television message asking the leader of the Conservative Union, Daniel Anderson for membership in the intermicronational organisation. He later realized Sabioveronese TV only airs in Sabia and Verona. He then asked The SiV Phonograph to send a formal request for membership. The Unity Party finally expects to join the Conservative Union soon enough, as now that the Socialist Party is in government, they have little stuff to do.

In a non-related note, we congratulate Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson for being the non-Juclandian micronationalist named the most in articles of The SiV Phonograph. You earned it, mate.


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