“Righteous Faith League” ceases operations

Today the neo-fascist Righteous Faith League (OBL) that had been legalised through the Spare Free Act (bill #042) has officially ceased all operations, as according to the Spare Free counterpart issued by the Juclandian High Court of Cassation and Justice that outlawed the controversial bill just recently passed in the Sabioveronese Legislative Courts. According to the ultimatum issued by the Government officials of Napoléon Bleuberrie, who is to take oath today, any OBL member that has not renounced their membership in the far-right group shall be arrested and put to trial. The OBL had been disestablished as a political party last May 28, 2013; yet it had not ceased operations in the region until now.

On the issue, Bleuberrie has said “It’s not a cut in the Sabioveronese democracy when the group we’re talking about was threatening the entire region with their extremist views and short mentalities. They are free to say whatever they want, but they are not free to cut our freedom to do the same. This “Righteous Faith League” was nothing but a sad attempt at political party that embarrassed our region and our nation of Juclandia. We shall not see a law by an inch similar to the Spare Free Act in Sabia and Verona again”.

The former leader of the now extinct group, Hans Starlynn has not given any official statements on the issue. However, some politicians from other political parties have, including Thomas Ling-Yi, promulgator of the Spare Free act that lifted the constitutional ban on far-right political groups. Here are some of the quotes given by Sabioveronese politicians and scholars on this move:

A fair move in a fair region. -Snø Jens

Shoud’ve been done since the moment that bill passed. -Valéry Locke

It takes a fancy court in mainland to do the work we’re supposed to do ourselves. -Regina Redwyne

We prevail. -Rhaegal Marlaryen

Our democracy cries. This bill was not intended to harm, but to construct. -Thomas Ling-Yi


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