First Secretary Bleuberrie speaks on the Lostisland-Pavlov issue

Sr. Napoléon Bleuberrie

Sr. Napoléon Bleuberrie

Late today the newly elected First Secretary of Sabia and Verona, Sr. Napoléon Bleuberrie has given a televised speech in which he spoke about the recent conflict between Lostisland and the unilaterally declared Republic of Pavlov. According to Bleuberrie, upon hearing about the issue, he felt deeply saddened as he had never heard about Lostisland, and became even more unpleased when he heard Pavlov was not the Soviet dog who went to space, as he had originally thought. In words of Bleuberrie, he felt that giving a message to these two micronations in times of struggle was necessary as part of his job of First Secretary.

Bleuberrie started the speech by saying he was very pleased to announce that now that the Sabioveronese government knew about the existence of Lostisland and Pavlov, which, as he had to state, was not an astronaut canine. Following this, he mentioned that once when he was still a young fish in Maracaibo, he had many brothers that were just like him. In one occasion, he said, one of his brothers took a candy from him. Although Bleuberrie was deeply angered by this, he decided to let his brother eat the candy, because the Universe would eventually punish him for his offence. Later, Bleuberrie mentioned, his brother died. The candy was poisoned with cyanide.

To explain this metaphore, Bleuberrie explained that although he stands neutral, he feels Lostisland should reconsider being so harsh against Pavlov, and Pavlov should really consider starting a career in NASA.

Finishing his speech, he added:

Sabia and Verona supports the people of Lostisland and Pavlov, people who I am sure know very little about the confrontation their leaders are having. Heads of state of Lostisland and Pavlov, please take a minute to think about how much damage you’re causing your toys!

The First Secretary later retired to his official residence and had tea with plankton sugar.


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