Stefanović has had it: the birth of the Initiative for Democracy

"Liberal Orange" is the colour of the Initiative for Democracy.

“Liberal Orange” is the colour of the Initiative for Democracy.

In the eve of the highly commented merger of the Free Suyu Front and the Strawberry Party into the Roots Party, Lt. Secretary of Caenia Ann Stefanović has publicly announced the creation of her own political party, the “Initiative for Democracy”. In a predicted move, the former member of the Unity Party has taken things on her own hands and has decided to advocate for a more liberal choice. The Initiative for Democracy (Abayän mar Dëmokratıya, AMD) is now open for memberships in its only office in Caenia. In her announcement, Stefanović expressed her disappointment at the Unity Party, as she had already done last week with the approval of bill #045. She called out for a more open Sabioveronese society, and criticised the conservative argument of Pashqaris being immigrants. “Our region is made of immigtans. I am an immigrant, the First Secretary is an immigrant and even you are an immigrant, Mr. Müntz“, addressing the leader of the Unity Party Graham Müntz. There has been an edgy feeling of bitterness in Sabia and Verona since the passing of bill #045, especially in Caenia.

By the time the AMD’s main office in Woodward Street opened, several Caenia residents were waiting in line to register for the party. By the end of the day the party counted with eight members, making it about the size of the Pashqari People’s Party and the second faster-growing political party in Sabia and Verona after the Socialist Party in October of 2012.

Russell Prize and Russell Windstone, City Councillors of Tegula and Abrelia respectively and members of the new party have become the first representatives of the AMD in local governments, apart from Stefanović herself. Prize has said “We are happy to be part of the Initiative for Democracy. Sabia and Verona needs a kind leader, and that is Ms. Stefanović“. Windstone on the other hand has not commented on the issue. The Abrelia City Councillor is known to have a close relationship with Stefanović.

To finish her announcement on regional TV, Stefanović said: “For the duty I guard to Sabia and Verona, for the respect I preach to the King and for the love I have to my children, I will do as much as I can to promote democracy in the region“.


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