Stefanović: our patron saint will be Jason Momoa

Actor, model and the definition of manliness.

Actor, model and the definition of manliness.

Progressive Coalition candidate for the September elections and leader of the Iniative for Democracy Ann Stefanović has released her updated government plan, in which she promises to make Jason Momoa the patron saint of Sabia and Verona. During her speech as part of her speedy campaign in Elinore, the Coalition leader has spoken about the current political situation of Sabia and Verona, the gossips she heard about her opponent Osez Kóvérsz and the position of Jason Momoa as a symbol of unity in the region. “I think we can all agree Jason Momoa is a hot-I mean, good man who will make a fantastic patron saint for the region“. Carrying on a secular campaign, Stefanović has explained the issue is not religious, but cultural.

The support for Stefanović’s agenda with the American actor is very sectorized. While a recent poll shows that the female and LGBT community of the region has increased general support for the candidate, support from the adult male population has decreased. The Christian Gathering of Sabia and Verona, the region’s Christian congregation and potentional lobby has spoken against Stefanović’s controversial policy. “It’s simply ridiculous. How can this man be a Saint? And THE Patron Saint of Sabia and Verona? Such a man that excedes the levels of common testosterone can never be considered a Saint!” expressed Pastor François Florent, leader of the Congregation.

Others however showed public support for Stefanović, as did Communist Party politicians and the region’s most known gay couple Snø Jens and Léon Galieri. “You go girl” expressed Jens.

It is uncertain if Stefanović intends to go on with her plans if she is elected, which according to polls is a considerable possibility. While being a controversial policy indeed, the progressive candidate doesn’t seem to regret it and has not shown intentions to retract. In the past Stefanović has been known to be a controversial figure in politics, being one of the first outspoken supporters of the Pashqari people in Sabia. Her “No Bra Day” bill was polemic when it passed 3-2 in the Caenia City Council. To remark her position, Stefanović finalized her speech in Elinore by remembering her followers she is a woman of faith. “I believe in God as much as any person in the Christian Gathering does, but more than a believer I am a woman, and I think this is a policy all women will identify with“.

As a side note, the team of The SiV Phonograph wishes Jason Momoa a happy 34th birthday.


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