Gauvier: the Socialist Party will not succumb to the Coalition’s pressure


From left to right: Étienne Boulin, Gauvier and René Quintero at the rally in Alcabala

Socialist Party President and former Vice President Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier has spoken today in a CM rally held in Alcabala where he spoke about the current issues of the political environment in Sabia and Verona. Upon being asked about the upcoming September election, Gauvier said the Socialist Party had no intention of succumbing to the Progressive Coalition’s pressure, and that the CM will maintain its ideals, remaining neutral in the following general election, to be held next September 20th. The Socialist Party announced it would not participate in the September election in early August. Gauvier mentioned he had talks with the leader of the Progressive Coalition and candidate for the election, Ann Stefanović, in which she attempted to gain support and endorsement from the Socialist Party.

Among other topics, the President of the CM addressed the separation of a group of Socialist politicians into the Communist Party of Sabia and Verona following the failed self-coup attempt of Napoléon Bleuberrie. According to Gauvier, “the Socialist Party has and will be the bastion of left-wing politics in the region“. He said that more than angry he was sad to see his “brothers and sisters” departure from the Socialist Party. “I am in good terms with the Communist Party“, he added.

Since the failed self-coup attempt of former Socialist Party President and founder Napoléon Bleuberrie, the CM has lost a significant amount of supporters and suffered a major split, in which several of its important politicians left. Remaining outside the September election and not endorsing any candidate, the Socialist Party will not win any major political offices and thus will remain excluded from the main political scene for the next term.


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