“Disappointed”: Gauvier on “Ashar af qafër”


Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier posing for his interview with the Phonograph

Socialist Party President, actor and director Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier has recently approached The SiV Phonograph to talk about the much anticipated movie, “Love in October” (in Pashqar “Ashar af qafër“), in which he gave a negative view to “what the project has become”, harshly criticizing the production team at Florenia Boovuzela Pictures.

Gauvier stated he was “disappointed” at how the project ended. “They didn’t appreciate my viewpoint. I wanted to create a movie about a Pashqari romance. They just wanted to create yet another cheesy romance film“, expressed Gauvier, referring to the movie’s production team. Gauvier also confessed he had quit his director post a while ago. “Back in July, during the filming“, remembers Gauvier. Gauvier also complained the style the movie had acquired during the editing. “I had in mind something like the Iranian films of the eighties and sixties. ‘The House is Black’ was my inspiration to enter the film industry. They just turned it into Chaplin Galore“.

One of Gauvier’s major complains was the original language of the film. “The script was written in Pashqar. It was supposed to be in Pashqar. When they decided to make it a silent film, we agreed it would still remain in Pashqar, written in Pashqar Arabic. Then they just turned around and said it would be in Spanish, since it’s more understandable and profitable. I renounced to participate in the project when it stopped being ‘Ashar af qafër’ and it became ‘Amor de Octubre’.

However, Gauvier praised the other actors’ work, especially his fellow actress Florenia Boovuzela, who plays the main role of Laila Mazandaran, the daughter of a rich bussinessman. “She was brilliant. An actress like no other“. He also praised the roles of the Pashqari Tärumi Kharujan, who offered himself to play the role of Laila’s father and Santa Teresa member Zafir Aram, who plays the role of Laila’s younger brother. He mentioned he had been talking with the Tärumi, who shared his discontent with the movie’s production’s decisions.

Gauvier concluded the interview with a critical message to the Sabioveronese film industry. The more we deploy from our roots, the more our movies become just dreams of Hollywood. “Sabia and Verona doesn’t need Myse to be Tom Cruise, or Laila to be Cameron Diaz. We are our own and so should be our films“. When asked if he intended to work on other movies anytime soon, he said he intended to work with Florenia Boovuzela soon again, and that he would never give up on Sabioveronese movies. “It’s our essence“, he said. Amor de Octubre has not yet been released, and it is expected it will in October of this year.


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