Institute of Sabian Studies to comply with royal reforms

The President of the University of Elinore Institute of Sabian Studies (the body responsible for overseeing the Sabian language), Fernando Goyo-Ramírez, has stated they will comply with Queen Isadora’s proposed reforms of the language. The “royal reforms”, as they have come to be called, consist of the 1st Royal Advice issued by Her Highness last May 22 and ratified by three of the five Senators who were present at the time, in which she recommends 1) the implementation of the Nelsâbik writing system, also known as the Royal System as the language’s ‘default’ writing system and 2) the separation of the Sabian and the Sabiolycene dialects as their own languages.

“These are reforms that should have been applied a long time ago, but they stopped being priorities after the changes the government suffered following the creation of the Federation” said Goyo-Ramírez.

The Nelsâbik writing system or Royal system is a simplified version of the common writing system of the Sabian language developed by Tarik Kârjasary and Saria Josephine. It has been in use since early January 2014 and has become considerably popular among the Federal Citizenry of Sabia and Verona. The only non-basic letters used by the Nelsâbik system are â, ê, á, é, í, ó and ú, which contrasts with the long list of non-basic characters employed by the common system.

As for the separation of Sabian and Sabiolycene as different languages, the NILJ (the Sabiolycene equivalent to the Institute of Sabian Studies) is yet to give any official statements. NILJ Director Suipom Goyo has proposed the segregation of the two dialects at the Legislative Courts in two past occasions in 2013.

The use of a simpler to read writing system in the Sabian language is expected to encourage its use among the federal population, composed mostly of native Spanish speakers.


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