aś-Daelosak removed: Sabia and Verona mourns


Remains of aś-Aıśok Myasādaelosak in Elynor Loś.

The entire nation mourns the loss of aś-Aıśok Myasādaelosak or aś-Daelosak, the Old Friend of Elinore. The 15 ft. tall Phanera variegata tree has been removed in order to protect the nearby structures, since the tree species is known for having especially invasive roots. Though a necessary action, it hurts no less to see the Daelosak pass away.

The tree was planted around four years ago in 2010, long before the sector even heard about micronationalism. It was in 2013 that it acquired the name of aś-Aıśok Myasādaelosak, the Great Old Friend. An important landmark of the Pēlyonarīn Tenmeı parish and botanical eye candy, the Phanera had been of cultural relevance to all of Sabia and Verona ever since the creation of the Kingdom. The tree casted its shadow over Salisse and Caenia, protecting the citizens of the overpopulated capital from the merciless tropical sun, and its beautiful orchid-like flowers were declared a national symbol, and even appeared on those fancy banknotes we never got to use because they had too much details and ink is really goddamn expensive.

Among those who have expressed their grief at the loss of the Daelosak are the Lieutenant Secretary of Elinore Prefecture Petyr Cohen, who was to be interviewed by the Phongraph but couldn’t stop crying so we let him be. We send our condolences to Malula, the cat who used to hunt down birds from the Daelosak’s gentle branches and rest under its sweet shadow, and we also express our sincerest condolences to aś-Dyvedrınīn Nāvak, or Dyvedrın’s son, the Euphorbia cotinifolia tree that used to keep our good old Daelosak company when no other plant could reach as high as he could. The Euphorbia tree is now alone, and he stands tall as the only tree in all of Elinore’s Gardens of Dyvedrın. To you, Nāvak, we pass on the position of bringer of shadow and refuge of cats.

A Pahunist mass will be held in the afternoon at sunset to celebrate and cherish the memories we have of our Daelosak. It is with great sorrow and sadness we hail you, Daelosak, we will not forget you, even when we find a much less invasive tree to plant in our garden. Good night, sweet prince. Ekinâ elom un sháne sjâshir.

aś-Aıśok Myasādaelosak (2010 – 3 September 2014)


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