Dreaming big: The Aishayerovê and the beginning of a new era

Léon Galieri and Bertrand Rivière, former and present Enkâkouraky of Sabia and Verona.

Early this morning Sabia and Verona saw a new Enkâkourak swear an oath to the Constitution, to the Queen and to the nation. Léon Galieri of the Left Alliance handed the power over to Bertrand Rivière of the Unity Party, in a ceremony only once seen before in January 2013 when socialist Napoléon Bleuberrie passed on the title of Enkâkourak to Osez Kóvérsz, also of Unity. Following the required oaths from the new Cabinet Ministers, Rivière lost no time. A new set of legislators had also been elected, and the Legislative Palace of the Lirvetta Enâ was in dire need of a meeting.

I swear loyalty to my nation; to Sabia, Verona and Lycem. I swear loyalty to all of the Valtirians, and I swear to protect the Constitution of Sabia and Verona. I will give my complete devotion to this Kingdom of ours for the following 364 days. Today and always, for the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.

The Aishayerovê engrossed a series of controversial reforms that Rivière has been proposing since early in his campaign, and thanks to the conservative majority that now paints the Chamber of Deputies blue, these reforms were met with barely any resistence. The meeting lasted a grand total of three hours, starting at 7 am VST to 10 am VST, in which heated debate was heard all across Salisse and through radio in the rest of Sabia and Verona.

Rivière started by welcoming all new legislators to the Ayerovê Sâbixann, the “General Assembly of Sabia”. Though this was frowned upon by the legislators of the Pashqari People’s Party, applause from members of Rivière’s Képren Lâdom Alliance hushed any opposition. The first proposed law dealed with the reclamation of the Sournêliádin Gardens and the Eastern Lands, which had been previously claimed by the Lycene Freehold. The law passed 17 to 3. The Eastern Lands will now be organized into the Special Territory of the Eastern Lands (Territóriâta Nâjtan Suxourdogashasy), and it will belong to the Region of Lycem.

Following this Rivière touched a much more controversial topic: the Sabioveronese peerage. Though the Constitution initially prohibited anyone but the Queen to hold titles of peerage and nobility, Rivière claims a Sabioveronese peerage system would work perfectly as a form of distinguishing the most prominent citizens of Sabia and Verona. This law barely passed, with 11-9 in support of it. During the meeting, twenty-three peerages have been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and later ratified by the Senate.

Next was the officialization of the Sabian language as the nation’s main language regarding government affairs. The Lycene and Pashqar languages passed to a lesser plane as national languages of Sabia and Verona. Now, terms such as “First Secretary”, “Chamber of Deputies”, “Senate” and “Judicial Power of the Courts” will be always rendered in Sabian, regardless of the language in use. Sabia and Verona will now have an Enkâkourak, an Ayerovê, a Gentáriven and a Somahurouk.

Other affairs included the nationalization of the Church of the Pahun, and in lieu of the resignation of High Priest Noaeryk yesterday night, the appointment of Queen Isadora as High Priestess of the Pahun. Her Royal Highness will now lead the Church under the name of Alyna. As well the Royal Navy of Sabia and Verona has been disestablished, under the pretext of it being quite unnecessary since Sabia and Verona has no access to major water bodies. A new anthem for the nation, Valtirgedrâm, with lyrics written by Rosie Levine has been adopted.

Another major event included the creation of the office of the Deputy Governor of Sabia and Verona, which will be occupied by Joseph Kennedy, former High Priest Noaeryk. Deputy Governor Kennedy has been granted subjectship as Marquis of Saamark, and will be known as Joseph Emmanuel Krístâvak. The Marquis will assume the position of representative of Sabia and Verona to the Transitional Council of the Federation in replacement of Governor Kârjasary, whose term will end next October 20th.

All of these reforms and new laws were summarized by a series of constitutional amendments that already count with the approval of the Senate of Sabia and Verona, and also count with oral ratification from Her Royal Highness.

As the first meeting of the Ayerovê Sâbixann concluded, the new Enkâkourak hailed the beginning of a new era for Sabia and Verona, which will now be known as the Valtirian Kingdoms of Sabia. Though these changes will count with severe opposition from many sectors inside and outside the nation, Rivière is certain he is doing the best for Sabia and Verona.


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