Virny and the Guild take the lead


NNS party leader (official title “Chief Artist of the Guild”) and Enkâkourak-designate Shounn Virny.

A predictable outcome has come of today’s parliamentary elections, the first of its kind and many to come, in which National Artists’ Guild (NNS) has produced seven seats to the newly formed Parliament of Sabia and Verona (Sarenâ), with 24 votes, exactly 60%. In second place and with 3 seats in the Parliament, the Sabian Democratic Assembly (ASD), an electoral coalition of Unity Party and independent parliamentarians received 16 votes, 40%. Both NNS and ASD leaders, Shounn Virny and Andrew Blackhorse, have been elected to represent their respective districts of Kotavari and Sejê-Kepren. On October the 1st, when the new Parliament takes office and meets for the first time in the Boxunari of the new capital city of Alios, Virny will take the lead as the Kingdom’s new Enkâkourak for a one-year term.

This last election difers from past elections in that only voters in the capital city of Alios have been allowed to vote and become candidates for the Parliament. This is due to the concessions of the recently adopted Constitution, one of the many changes the Haronos Plan has brought to Sabia and Verona. The Haronos Plan (or rather, the first part of the plan) was executed last August 25, when a large portion of the Sabioveronese population migrated south to Argentina to establish the city of Alios to serve as the Kingdom’s new administrative center. From 1 October 2015, when the new parliament meets for the first time, the regions of Sabia, Verona and Lycem will count with large degrees of autonomy as they will be responsible for their own administration, while the Kingdom’s national legislature, executive and judiciary (known in the new constitution as the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Sounosy) will rest on the Parliament, the Monarch, and the Tribunal in Alios, all new institutions established by the Constitution (with the exception of the Monarch). All these changes have been overseen by King Tarik, who was crowned last 23 August following Queen Isadora’s abdication.

This is what the new Parliament of Sabia and Verona will look like:

  • District of Darmosari North: Represented by Snø Jens of the NNS.
  • District of Darmosari South: Represented by Andreina Rossini of the NNS.
  • District of Monesari West: Represented by Franxêska Bagos of the ASD.
  • District of Monesari East: Represented by Anton Schubert-Moss of the NNS.
  • District of Kodesari: Represented by Narcissus Clyne of the NNS.
  • District of Sejê-Kepren: Represented by Andrew Blackhorse of the ASD; party leader.
  • District of Étanou: Represented by Qian An of the ASD.
  • District of Kotavari: Represented by Shounn Virny of the NNS; party leader and Enkâkourak.
  • District of Poméxelos: Represented by Janina Amosiry of the NNS; Deputy Enkâkourak.
  • District of Tepou Éissarann: Represented by Orion Bennet of the NNS; party secretary.

Five parliamentary commissions have been planned: the Budget Commission, the Transportation Commission, the Music Commission, the Decoration Commission and the Refreshments Commission.

Details on Virny’s cabinet will be released on his first press conference, to be held next friday on September 25.


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