Triangle Triceratops Trimester Trivia: Three years of Sabia and Verona

ba alios

Buenos Aires, as seen from Alios.

Happy Sabianniversary!

Three years ago exactly, on October 20, 2012, the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona was founded as an overseas territory of Juclandia. No one was sure how that would turn out, and I certainly didn’t think I would be writing this article three years ago as I was arranging plush toys into what would become a quirky and fun little little-nation.

A lot of things have happened in the last three years, too many to recount. But I can safely say I wouldn’t undo any of them, as all of those things, good and bad, have helped us become a more mature and strong nation, and have helped me become a more mature person as well.

As always, there are issues to be solved. In the past few months a lot of changes have been going on, and out of necessity, reforms have been made in the entire Kingdom. A new capital has been chosen, some 4000 miles away from the rest of the country. Queen Isadora, who became monarch after the Kingdom was granted ultimate autonomy from Juclandia in February 2014, and ruled for a prosperous and happy year and a half, abdicated on August 23 in my favor, and I became King. A new constitution has been adopted, and new institutions have replaced old ones.

As always, in Sabia and Verona, things are in constant movement. We’ve had patches of inactivity before, and I don’t want to go back there. But things happen, and now more than ever I’m finding less and less time to take care of this nation I founded in my home in Venezuela three years ago. The only reason I still insist on keeping this project alive is because I’m certain Sabia and Verona still has much more to give.

These three years of Sabioveronese awesomeness would have not been possible without the help of some amazing people. Ciprian, King of Juclandia and the person who made Sabia and Verona a reality. Isadora, who was queen, governor and still is one of my greatest friends. Saria, who undestood my nonsensical talk about Pahunism. Joseph Kennedy, who helped guide Sabia and Verona through the right path. Aina and Victor, who despite never quite joining me on my micronational hobby were always there to talk about it. I consider all of these people to be friends of mine, and they have written the history of Sabia and Verona together with me. I’m eternally grateful.

I’ve got an entire reign in front of me, and I hope to make the best out of it. We may now be far away from where we started, both literally and figurately, but no matter what happens, we’ll always stay true to our essence. Our silly humour and nice graphics, Napoléon Bleuberrie and the Sabian language. These things have defined the past three years and will continue defining Sabia and Verona for as long as it exists.

It has been fun so far. Let’s keep making it fun.

– Tarik Kârjasary / Ricky.


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