Alios celebrates as SiV becomes Austenasia’s neighbour again


Today the citizens of Alios have taken to the streets to show their happiness at the recent passing of the law establishing the Crown Dependency of Esmondia in the Austenasian Parliament. Esmondia, which as a Crown Dependency will be under Austenasian sovereignty and will be administered directly by a Governing Commissioner, was established in an open area of land bordering the Alios-Capital Region to the north.

Among those who participated in the demonstrations were Enkâkourak Shounn Virny and Secretary of the Arts Ryam Piper. The group was seen holding signs with encouraging and friendly messages to Austenasia, such as “Sennaja Êsmossia, Axêtenassia!” (We will protect Esmondia, Austenasia!) and “Sâgara laixen dâleren aishêrexik” (Greetings, mighty imperialist friend).

When asked to give an opinion on the subject by the Phonograph, Secretary of Defense Ignatius Lockhart replied “We will not invade this territory”, echoing PM Virny’s current foreign policy of peace and love.

Esmondia will be directly administered by King Tarik, who had previously been Governing Commissioner of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Achem. Achem, which claimed territory in the Smoke Gardens in the Valtir, was established last December but has been devolved to Venezuela as the Royal Court moved to Alios, and His Royal Highness is now unable to oversee it.

The Crown Dependency was named in honour of Emperor Esmond III, who reigned over the British micronation from 2010 to 2011.


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