Virny: “Economic development is my goal”


Mr. Virny with Mr. Starlynn, the new chair of the National Bank.

Enkâkourak Shounn Virny spoke today before Parliament in the second meeting of the first legislature since its accession to power last October 1st. The meeting started with the appointment of businessman and entrepreneur Emmanuel Starlynn as the first Chair of the newly founded Dogashebanke, the national bank, which was unanimously approved by the MPs. The creation of the Dogashebanke is one of the new Enkâkourak’s plans to further develop the Sabioveronese economy.

“Economic development is my goal”, he explained before his fellow sarenty at the Boxunari of Alios, the new parliament’s meeting place in the district of Darmosari. “For three long years our nation has been held back by the Venezuelan crisis. Now we find ourselves with freedom of movement in our economy, and I plan to use it”. He also mentioned he had plans to create a Sabioveronese currency.

“We must be economically independent. Valtirians are tired of using money that isn’t theirs. When I am in Sabia and Verona, I don’t want to pay for kapy nadasis with pesos.” The Enkâkourak went on to blame the failure of past attempts to establish a Sabioveronese currency on the economic crisis of Venezuela. “The lira and the apira failed because back then the Kingdom didn’t have the means to print and maintain a constant flow of paper money. But now we do”.

The proposal was met with much approval from NNS parliamentarians. According to Virny’s government plan as presented to the Parliament, a full implementation of this hypothetical Sabioveronese currency would be in order by March 2016.


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