United Assembly of Regions meets for the first time in Salisse


News from the North today as the United Assembly of Regions held its first meeting in Salisse today. The United Assembly is, as its name indicates, a joint assembly made up of the members of the Legislative Assemblies of the Northern regions: Sabia, Verona and Lycem. The Northern Parliament, as it has come to be known, was first proposed as a way for the Northern regions to have a strong voice and to counterpart the power exercised by the Parliament of the Kingdom in Alios, which does not represent the autonomous Northern regions.

The governors of Verona and Lycem, Petyr Cohen and Liam Sanfloss, are the masterminds behind this regional project. According to Sanfloss, the United Assembly is a way for the Northern regions to stand united as one before the Kingdom’s Parliament.

Our regions here in the Valtir count with more internal autonomy, but we are all still under the authority of the Parliament in Alios. Our Legislative Assemblies may be strong within our regions’ jurisdictions, but we lacked a formal body to unite the entire North as a whole, which used to be the job of the Courts. With the United Assembly, we can all stand as one as we used to before.”

As as a Governor and a member of the largest party in the regional legislatures, Mr. Sanfloss is the current President of the United Assembly. Governor Cohen of Verona serves as first Vice President, as she belongs to the Left Alliance, which is in coalition with Governor Sanfloss’ Bakinn party. Governor Carla Mora of Sabia serves as 2nd Vice President of the Assembly. Despite belonging to the opposition, she is still a Governor.

United Assembly of the Regions

Composition of the United Assembly: the Valtirian National Party (VDM) governs the assembly.

The main objective of the United Assembly is not to continue the power struggle between the VDM and Unity” explains Mrs. Mora, referring to the Valtirian National Party and the Unity Party. “Our goal is to unite the three regions under a single, strong legislature to manage our interregional affairs and to have a face before Alios. This is our way of saying ‘we’re here‘.

However this doesn’t mean the North is looking for more autonomy, as one assemblyperson stated. “We are still loyal to Alios, and to our King. The United Assembly is still under the Parliament’s say“, elaborated Charles E. Nooja, aieroventir for the Ejariveen constituency of Lycem.

The United Assembly is expected to meet at least ten more times before the three-year period of the Legislative Assemblies, which were subject to elections last September, ends. Enkâkourak Virny congratulated the people of the Northern Regions for their latest development, citing the creation of the United Assembly as one of the “most clear demonstrations of the commitment for peace, understandment and progress of the people of the Kingdom”.


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