The new shades of the National Artists’ Guild


NNS Secretary Orion K. Bennet.

The Secretary of the National Artists’ Guild, Orion K. Bennet, has announced today the party will change its official color from black to pink.

From its foundation, the Guild has used eerie black (hex code #1B1B1B) as its official party color. In Sabioveronese tradition, black is commonly associated with wisdom and knowledge, as it is the color of ink and printed letters. A perception commonly thought to be derived from Lycem, black is associated with sobriety and the Monarchy. But this is not the story the people of the Guild want to tell anymore.

“Our intention when we chose black as our party color was to distance ourselves from other political parties that had existed in Sabia and Verona before. Pink was the original suggestion made by many during the first guild congress back in August, but there were still many that associated pink with the XAM [the Strawberry Party]. Nevertheless, pink was chosen as a secondary party color.”

Pink is the opposite of black in the Sabioveronese color chart. It’s the color of fun, edginess and new beginnings. It’s also one of Sabia and Verona’s national colors, alongside the traditional green, white and red used in the national flag. Pink in found in the flags of the region of Sabia and the war flag of the Kingdom. It has also been adopted by King Tarik as one of his personal colors.

“We choose pink now because we think it’s time to forget about the past and think forward. Pink is the color of new beginnings and progress. It’s a national color, and we love our country. So we are trying to convey that image now” said Bennet. The party’s new official color is brink pink (hex code #).

Eerie black will remain an important part of the party’s aesthetics, according to Bennet. The decision was adopted with a qualified majority by the vetha, the organic decision-making body of the party.


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