Most Unity voters want Blackhorse to remain leader, poll says


A recent poll conducted by the Isadoran University of Darmosari suggests a vast majority of Unity Party voters want Andrew Blackhorse to remain as party leader through the upcoming general election. Blackhorse announced he had intentions to resign from his post as party leader and “pass on the torch” to a different person during a public meeting with Enkâkourak Virny last month.

However, it seems the blue party’s voters have not had enough of the Veronan politician. Blackhorse, a retired Land Army officer and prominent figure in Sabioveronese history, has been Unity’s leader since last August. He succeeded former Enkâkourak Bertrand Rivière, who stepped down following a disastrous term as head of government. Making bold reforms both within the party and  in arliament, Blackhorse is steadily becoming a popular leader and a suitable candidate for the premiership, even if he doesn’t want it.

But who is Andrew Blackhorse?

For staters, Blackhorse’s was an odd name for Unity’s barons to call: alongside Leandro Casablanca and Albert Gold, Andrew was one of Sabia and Verona’s first convicted criminals, an achievement earned for leading the so-called “revolt of the three kings” against the Bleuberrie government in 2012. After serving a year in the Land Army’s penal conscription system, Blackhorse joined the KMCW (the Communist Party of Sabia and Verona, created by Léon Galieri in 2013) and actively opposed the Stefanović government. So why would the bastion of conservatism in Sabioveronese politics choose an ex-con and former Communist as their party leader?

No one is quite sure how the leader of the blue party was chosen. Only two leaders have been elected since the foundation of the party in 2012: Rivière and Blackhorse himself, and while Rivière was popularly elected in a party congress, Blackhorse wasn’t. He most likely owes his leadership to the bluetop heavyweights, and they never tell their secrets. But whatever reason there might have been for the former Army Major’s election, it has certainly paid off: Unity is leading every poll in recent months.

It is unknown whether Blackhorse will listen to his people or not, but if it is indeed his alluring persona and reformative vision the cause of Unity’s newfound popularity, then his leadership status could define the result of the 2016 election.

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