Mayor Judge, the perpetual Goyo and the gossip of it all: the 2016 campaign so far


Campaign poster for Andrew Blackhorse and the Unity Party.

It’s been a rough day at the Tribunal of Sabia and Verona. Baroness Xiongmao, Chief Justice of the Kingdom, paces angrily in her -rather disorganized- office in the Hâret Tadesosann of Alios. Behind her, a portrait of Queen Isadora smiles smugly. As head of the only judicial body in SiV, the Baroness is used to being busy. But the past few weeks have been especially excruciating for the panda bear.

“This is, quite frankly, a mess” Her frustration is understandable. The Tribunal has found itself in a tie for the third time in two weeks, this time regarding a maggy trafficking-related offense. The Tribunal, which is ideally to be composed of an odd number of Justices, has been made up of four members since August 15, when Justice Hardanê Ban Bagor relinquished her seat in the supreme court.

Any new appointments to the Tribunal must be approved by 2/3 of the Parliament, and the opposition is firmly opposed to move before October, when the new parliament, to be elected next Sunday the 18th, is set to assume.


Campaign poster for incumbent Enkâkourak, Shounn Virny, and the National Artists’ Guild.

Baroness Ban Bagor’s voluntary abandonment of the Tribunal is, in fact, related to the upcoming general elections. The former judge and native Aliosik is now the Unity Party’s contender for Chief of Government of the Sabioveronese capital, running against incumbent Étienne Boulin. In a statement to the press given after she stepped down last month, she said she intended to “stir the ship in the right direction”, and that she felt she could achieve this “more successfuly from the executive than the judiciary”.

The decision in Alios is looking grim for the governing NNS, which is trailing behind Unity in polls nationwide and in the capital as well. The charming and charismatic Andrew Blackhorse is working his magic across the Southern territories, winning the hearts of Sabians everywhere. Meanwhile, Enkâkourak Shounn Virny has been juggling between governing and campaigning, oftentimes missing the mark in both. This Wednesday the head of government had to cancel a planned rally in Sato after heavy rains left the constituency unaccessible.

A different scenario occurs in Gonn, however. The region’s inhabitants won’t be gnawing at their paws wondering who’ll be their next governor, as the incumbent, Gov. Suipom Goyo, will have a smooth uncontested transition to a second term in office. No opponents submitted candidacies before the deadline on August 18.

The contestants have otherwise run a polite and educated campaign, at least while they’re in the public eye. Behind close doors, a different form of politics appears to exist. At ax-Boxag, Darmosari’s famous teahouse, you’ll get a hot mug of fervu·sou tea for 20 groxar and a hot piece of political gossip for 10. Mirna, the bartender, will often give you a free biscuit if you order the latter. “Apollo Cerwyn [leader of the Left Alliance] has been in an affair with Andreina Rossini since July, but last night he was seen with Shâssel Marlaryen as well. How scandalous!” Her excitement for gossip is almost comparable to her love for tea. Across the room, Cerwyn himself is having some sou with other Left subordinates, yet Mirna continues to tell her story, nonchalant. Sabians are fond of gossip, as long as it’s creative.

Polls go and polls come. Spring is around the corner, and winter will be over by the time the new government assumes office, whatever that government will look like. A general feeling of excitement and hope can be felt in the streets of Alios and Kotavari, and Poméxelos is vibrant with energy. No matter how things go down next a week from now, Sabians are ready to make it work.


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