Mattías Rou appointed to Tribunal


Attorney and fashion designer Mattías Rou.

HRH the King has appointed attorney Mattías Rou to the Tribunal of the Kingdom after his approval by Parliament yesterday. Rou’s parliamentary approval was the result of a week of bilateral talks between the governing coalition and the Opposition, in which it was decided the attorney was the most suitable candidate for the position. Rou’s place in the Tribunal was previously held by Baroness Hardanê Ban Bagor, who stepped down from the Judicial Sounos to run for Chief of Government of Alios in the 2016 election.

In virtue of his new judiciary position, Rou has been made Baron (Partag) Mattías Rou, a noble title given exclusively by the Crown. Rou has been described by politicians of all parties as a down to earth, capable and proper individual, and is mostly known for as a trendsetter in Sabioveronese fashion and design, having collaborated with the internationally-recognized design firm ra&v artworks.

Fetakourak Apollo Cerwyn and Unity leader Andrew Blackhorse have both described Rou as “impartial and fashionable“, traits to which he owes his new position in the Kingdom’s judiciary. Chief Justice Baroness Mei Xiongmao publicly welcomed Rou’s accession to the Tribunal, citing her willingness and excitement to work with the turtle in the future.

The appointment signifies the end of a two-month long period in the Judicial Sounos in which the Tribunal had an even number of justices, which caused, according to Baroness Xiongmao, “a mess” in the Kingdom’s legal development.


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