Note by King Tarik on National Day


It’s always surprising how fast a year goes by. Dates and anniversaries are a rare thing, in a young and small nation like ours, where time appears to move at a different rate than in the outside. The small world of Sabia and Verona spins at its own rythm, and that is okay. Uniqueness has been one of this Kingdom’s defining traits from the get-go.

And so four years passed. Someday, in the near future, we will be able to celebrate an October the 20th without mentioning the hectic history behind the birth of Sabia and Verona, the two years of trial and error before the Valtir settled on its current time of peace and stability. This year, that won’t happen. Sabia and Verona has by far outlived all of its predecessor states, and can now boast having outlived many other micronations in recent history.

Looking back, we can see now that 2016 has been the most active and productive year since the Kingdom’s formation four years ago. So many things have happened, so many things have changed, but Sabia and Verona stays true to its identity.

This sort of retrospective reflection is a necessary, integral part of what we now call “National Day” in SiV, but it is not why October the 20th matters. Today matters because it’s a time when we can look towards the future with hope, enthusiasm, and pride. There is still, after four years in the making, a lot to do. The Sabia and Verona project still has a lot to offer, and I am sure I can still learn many things in exploiting and exploring this beautiful creation.

Happy Sabianniversary (National Day)!

Tarik of Kârjasary.


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