Botany Secretary resigns over controversial comments


Secretary of Botany Andreina Rossini has presented her resignation to the Head Division this afternoon after making controversial comments about the government in a Parliament meeting on Friday. Rossini, MP for Darmosari-South, is one of the Left Alliance’s four MPs and a leading voice in her party.

As the record shows, Rossini openly criticized Enkâkourak Virny for inactivity, laziness, and ‘colluding with the Liberals’ after the head of government advised his party, the National Artists’ Guild, to vote in favor of a Liberal-led initiative to apply for Sabioveronese G.U.M. observership. Defence Secretary Harmê Bertram (Guild) hit back, defending her party and its leader and calling Rossini ‘irreverent’. Mr. Virny, for his part, declined to make any official comments.

But it was not the Enkâkourak’s silence that caused concern, but the Left Alliance’s own leader’s: Apollo Cerwyn, who currently serves as Fetakourak (Deputy PM) and Foreign Secretary, and is vastly considered the ‘second-in-command’ in the coalition government, has not made any comments and has not shown any inclination to defend either the Enkâkourak or her fellow partisan MP.

Welfare Secretary Anton Schubert-Moss has criticized both the resigning secretary and his own party leadership for failing to show the image of a unified, stable government, especially in view the opposition Liberals’ recent restructuring, with the appointment of Noa Dargany as Liberal deputy.

A replacement for Rossini is yet to be appointed, but some Guild MPs have suggested having a Guild MP as the new Botany Secretary, a move that could create further tensions in the already shaky coalition.

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