Cerwyn says he would “sit down and talk” with Artists to form united left front

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The leader of the Left Alliance and MP, Apollo Cerwyn, has said today he and his team would be “willing to sit down and talk” with the National Artists’ Guild’s leadership to form a broader leftist front and stand against the governing Liberals. Calls for the Artists to dissolve and the Sabioveronese left to unite have been made by prominent members of both parties, and have been especially strong since the resignation of the Artists’ leader, Snø Jens-Galieri, last week.

This is not the first time Cerwyn has suggested the Artists join forces with the Left. Following Jens-Galieri’s resignation, the flamant leader invited disenchanted Guild voters to join the Alliance, which he called “the true party of the people”. The Artists, who have been involved in an internal feud since the resignation of former leader Shounn Virny, are divided on the issue.

A poll conducted by The SiV Phonograph last month showed 55% of people who voted for the Guild in the last election are disappointed with the current state of the party, and 33% would rather have the party dissolve altogether.

Cerwyn’s sentiments are shared by his fellow party members. Left MP Hierba Kebragi has high hopes for a united left in the Kingdom. “The Liberals’ success is only the left’s fault. Years of infighting have weakened our message and the people have lost trust in us.” Even some Artists feel the same way: Governor of Gonn, Suipom Goyo, called for a “strong, united left” following the Jens-Galieri’s resignation.

Official responses from the Guild are yet to be issued, but while a couple of months ago the answer would have undoubtly been a resounding no, the party’s internal crisis may cause the Guild’s leadership to think twice about it.


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