Parliament vote to strip Jens-Galieri’s immunity fails


Snø Jens-Galieri and Apollo Cerwyn with Napoléon Bleuberrie after the vote

A Liberal initiative to lift Snø Jens-Galieri’s parliamentary immunity has failed in the first round of voting, after Jens-Galieri’s Democratic Party refused to back the initiative. The Democratic MP has been under investigation for embezzlement since September. Although no charges have been formally pressed against him, the Liberal leadership has argued that stripping Jens-Galieri’s immunity would accelerate the proper judicial process.

All Members of Parliament are granted immunity from prosecution in accordance to Article 63 of the Sabioveronese constitution; this article also sets the procedure for the removal of such immunity in cases where it might be necessary. A special majority –two-thirds of Parliament, that is to say, thirteen out of the twenty seats– is required for such a move.

Sources close to the Liberal parliamentary caucus confided on the Phonograph that up until the initiative entered the floor, Dargany believed she counted with the support of the Artists’ support to strip Jens-Galieri’s immunity. The Artists’ bloc of only three MPs (reduced following Jens-Galieri’s departure for the newly established Democratic Party) would’ve completed the 13 votes necessary to pass the motion, but only Artist Harmê Bertram backed the initiative, while Shounn Virny and Orion Bennet abstained. Before Jens-Galieri’s departure from the Artists’ caucus, Virny had publicly backed him, claiming the investigation is politically motivated, though in early November the former Prime Minister made comments about the Sabioveronese left ‘meddling with corrupt folks’, possibly referring to Jens-Galieri and the formation of the Democratic Party.

While the Justice Division has confirmed the investigation will continue, the future of the case remains uncertain. With a parliament unwilling to let Jens-Galieri fall and a growing sentiment of apathy towards the alleged felonies, it’s likely the investigation will end up harming the Liberal government’s reputation more than anything. Indeed, Dargany has chosen a mighty foe to begin her anti-corruption crusade, as Jens-Galieri remains one of the most popular politicians in the Kingdom, with an approval rating of 82% according to an October TID poll.



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