Dargany set to form second government

The PM met with the King earlier today and was given mandate to form another minority government and become the second premier in Sabia and Verona’s history to form two consecutive governments. The SiV Phonograph understands Dargany has struck a deal with the National Artists’ Guild, who will support her party once again.

The Liberals’ cabinet proposal is due to be presented before Parliament in tomorrow’s inauguration of the tenth Sabioveronese legislature. Though details of the new cabinet’s composition are yet to transcend, it is likely it will be a single-party government supported by the Artists through a confidence arrangement, like the current governing cabinet.

Neither Virny nor Dargany have given any official statements. The leader of the Democrats, Apollo Cerwyn, released a short statement this morning reinstating his party’s opposition to a Liberal government and his intention to become Prime Minister, though he is yet to schedule a meeting with His Royal Highness.

Though the Liberals and Artists already have experience governing together (through the confidence and supply arrangement they currently have), they will find it harder to govern now that both parties have smaller parliamentary caucus. Both parties suffered considerable losses in last sunday’s election, and Dargany will undoubtedly have a harder time proving her legitimacy now.


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