Democrats assert dominance and Artists suffer lethal blow in local elections

Two out of Gonn’s three prefectures, and the Gonn region itself, were taken by Democratic candidates. In Alios, incumbent Étienne Boulin has been re-elected for a fourth term.

In Kotavari, independent-turned-democrat Amanita Aħari won with over 60% of the votes against Liberal Balthassar Valoty; a similar situation (though inversed) took place in Sato, where incumbent Berth Jens (a Democrat) was dethroned by Liberal Marie-Antoinette Arosaky.

The biggest upset was in Sato, where Artist candidate Orion K. Bennet, a former party leader and second hand to former PM Shounn Virny, lost by one vote against Rosso Gomu, a political newcomer who was recently endorsed by the Democratic Party. Gomu had just acquired citizenship a couple of months ago. Bennet’s defeat is a harsh blow to the National Artists’ Guild, as the race in Sato was widely expected to be the last hope for the decaying party.



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