National Artists’ Guild members vote to dissolve party for good

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The National Artists’ Guild was founded in 2015 in the aftermath of the Haronos Plan, and is considered the first “party of the South”. It governed alone from 2015 to 2016 and in coalition from 2016 to 2017, all under Shounn Virny.

A plenary assembly (vetha) of members of the National Artists’ Guild has voted, with an overwhelming majority, to dissolve the party. The decision was formalized late in the afternoon of today (18-07-2018) when the party’s authorities asked for its de-registration in the Electoral Commission. The result of the vetha’s vote was notified by Shounn Virny, who said the Guild’s “cycle” had concluded, and shone light on the party’s accomplishments since its foundation in 2015.

Party members also rejected a proposal to have the party officially merge into the Liberals, which had been originally suggested by party Vice-Chair Harmê Bertram. Bertram is one of the two Artist MPs (alongside Virny) who must now decide whether to form a new parliamentary bloc or join one of the two existing ones, the Liberals or the Democrats. It is likely both MPs will opt for the former, as they are already in a confidence and supply agreement with the Liberal minority government and have been co-operating with the blue party for years now.

The party’s demise had been predicted by analysts across the board for quite some time. The National Artists’ Guild went from receiving 60% of the vote in a national election after its foundation in 2015 to just over 9% in May’s election. The party’s first and last leader, Shounn Virny, had a long but controversial tenure that proved fatal to the party in the long run.

The party’s dissolution will undoubtly have repercussions in national politics, despite its decreased influence. Should Virny and Bertram join the Liberal bloc, it will give Dargany’s government a majority in Parliament and thus further legitimacy to push its agenda, but the ex-Artist MPs will hope to get something in return, likely government portfolios or more influence in the Parliament, which will probably lead to a cabinet reshuffle or the replacement of the parliamentary authorities.

The Guild’s demise also means that, for the first time since 2012, there are only two active registered parties in Sabia and Verona: the Liberals and the Democrats. According to Isadoran University professor Soraya G. Hreti, this is the culmination of a “concentration of interests in the public sphere process”, which has resulted in the progressive merging of smaller political parties into unified polarizing forces.

Neither Liberal nor Democrat figures have released any statements regarding the Guild’s vote.

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