Liberals revolt against Dargany over New Frontier failure

Andrew Blackhorse speaking before Parliament, as the Democratic bloc looks on

A large faction of the party, led by diplomacy secretary and former party leader Andrew Blackhorse, is now in open rebellion against the Prime Minister over her failure to strike a deal with the Opposition on the New Frontier plan, which would see the territory of Sabia and Verona expanded in the South. Blackhorse harshly criticized Dargany in a speech in Parliament earlier today, where the New Frontier project was voted down as it failed to receive support from the necessary two thirds of the legislature.

Discontent with the Prime Minister has grown in the past couple of weeks as the New Frontier talks unravelled. Several of Dargany’s secretaries have aligned themselves with Blackhorse; his criticism of the PM’s leadership was echoed by welfare and botany secretary Shassel Marlaryen and commerce secretary Emmanuel Starlynn.

Sources within the Liberals are now speaking of a possible leadership spill, as Blackhorse consolidates his position in the blue party once more. The former Artists’ bloc, led by Shounn Virny, will likely side with Blackhorse, as suggested by a tweet shortly after the Opposition’s dismissal of the New Frontier talks. “Is Dargany the leader we need? Valtirians needed the New Frontier talks”, Virny tweeted.

Should Dargany lose command of the party, the natural follow-up would be her resignation from the premiership and the election of the new party leader as Prime Minister, but the Liberals’ majority is slim and, should the pro-Dargany Liberals refuse to back Blackhorse, the country could be facing its first government crisis since the adoption of the new constitution. If Parliament fails to produce a government within 15 days, the constitution mandates that the King must call for fresh elections.


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