Blackhorse wins Liberal leadership bid


Blackhorse in Parliament last week.

Diplomacy secretary and former party leader, Andrew Blackhorse, has won the Liberal party leadership election held today (7-10-2018), unseating Prime Minister Noa Dargany. Dargany has already conceded defeat, and handed her resignation to HRH the King, who has confirmed he will appoint Blackhorse as PM-designate. Dargany’s resignation – by default, effective to her entire cabinet – will be effective as soon as Parliament approves a new government.

The Electoral Commission announced the final results at 18:46 Alios Time, a little over an hour and a half after polls closed in Alios and Gonn. Though most voters concurred to Gonn’s electoral center in Kotavari, the heat of the election was mostly felt in Zamolodchikova 100, the Liberal party’s headquarters in Darmosari, where Alios residents went to cast their votes. Tension was high as pro-Dargany and pro-Blackhorse officials watched party members vote on.

In the end, Blackhorse won by 3 votes with 56.5%, while Dargany received 43.5%. Support for the challenger was higher in Gonn, while the Prime Minister won in smaller Alios.

If Blackhorse is able to get his bloc to support his government proposal, it will be the first time since the adoption of the current Constitution that the mechanism for cabinet replacement is used. The President of the Parliament, Dímeros Grenouille, has scheduled an emergency session for Wednesday.


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