Parliament confirms Blackhorse government

DpK-go8W4AYYbCQ.jpg large

Blackhorse (left) with former PM Shounn Virny, who will now serve as Deputy PM and Diplomacy Secretary, Blackhorse’s former portfolios

The 4th Parliament has confirmed Andrew Blackhorse’s government proposal in today’s (10-10-2018) emergency meeting. The entire Liberal bloc, which holds a tight majority in the 23-member legislature, voted in favor of the new government, including deposed former PM, Noa Dargany.

It is understood by the Phonograph that in the early hours of the day, Blackhorse struck a deal with the pro-Dargany faction of the Liberal party to get unified support for the proposal. As a nod to the Darganists, Dargany loyalist Simor de Jena will remain in charge of the Arts and Education divisions. The rest of the cabinet is made up of Blackhorse supporters, including those who were part of Dargany’s cabinets.

Among the most notable additions to the government is former Prime Minister Shounn Virny, who is now in charge of the Diplomacy Division (vacated by Blackhorse) and the deputy premiership. In the past weeks, Virny had become one of Blackhorse’s most ardent supporters, and the two had a positive relationship even when Blackhorse led the Opposition to Virny’s DSN administrations. Another former Artist in the new government is Harmê Bertram, who has returned to the Defence Division.

Shassel Marlaryen (now deputy leader of the Liberals, replacing de Jena), Emmanuel Starlynn and Donnel Seaworth all remain in their positions. The three were among Blackhorse’s original supporters; the “Judases” of the Dargany cabinets.

Notably, Blackhorse himself will not take up any positions, breaking with Dargany’s precedent.


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