Blackhorse’s cabinet: who is who in the 11th government

The new government, formed by Andrew Blackhorse, is now in office. Here’s a guide to the 11th government of Sabia and Verona.


The 11th government of Sabia and Verona

Deputy PM & Diplomacy Secretary – Shounn Virny

Perhaps the most recognizable face in the new cabinet, Shounn Virny was Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017, and is widely known as the architect of post-Haronos Sabia and Verona. A controversial and outspoken politician, Virny led the National Artists’ Guild from its foundation until 2017, when a series of scandals and his opposition to the constitutional reform drove him to resign from his position in the party, and lose the premiership.

The new Prime Minister Blackhorse was Leader of the Opposition during Virny’s time in office, but their relationship was typically viewed as amicable and Virny was a fierce supporter of integration with the Liberals when the National Artists’ Guild met its demise earlier this year. Since July, Virny has been part of the Liberal bloc in Parliament, and the former PM was one of Blackhorse’s most ardent supporters when he challenged Dargany to the Liberal party’s leadership. Seeing the portfolios Blackhorse has given him, it seems Virny’s unwavering loyalty has paid off.

Defense Secretary – Harmê Bertram de Asra

Another former Artist, Harmê Bertram de Asra was deputy leader of the Guild and served as interim leader of the party during its transition periods. Bertram de Asra was also Defense Secretary during Shounn Virny’s second government. She is seen as being close to Virny’s environment and followed him in joining the Liberal bloc when the Guild was dissolved.

It is likely that Bertram de Asra’s outlook for the military will be drastically different from Dargany’s – the former PM also occupied this portfolio – as she is less keen on the expansion of the National Guard, but rather the maintenance of its current size, placing her among the moderates in the Liberal Party when it comes to military policy.

Bertram de Asra’s political past explains her positioning among the moderates – the “progressive” wing of the party – as she started her career as a close follower of Bleuberrie and even joined the ranks of the Communist Party alongside Blackhorse.

Commerce Secretary – Emmanuel Starlynn

Starlynn is one of the secretaries that turned against Dargany and supporter Blackhorse for the premiership. Starlynn was once Virny’s pick to lead the then-new National Bank, but has been a member of the Liberal Party since the adoption of the New Valtirian Plan in 2016. A businessman and banker, Starlynn is the sole owner of Starlynn & Co., a multi-purpose enterprise that holds a monopoly on most of the Kingdom’s businesses, including The SiV Phonograph.

Justice Secretary – Donnel Seaworth

Seaworth is another old name in Sabia and Verona. The Justice Secretary belongs to the moderate wing of the Liberal Party, as he was once a member of the Roots Party. A military officer by profession (he was General Commissioner of the Auror Corps from 2014 to 2016), Seaworth was briefly governor of Elinore and served as economy minister in Ann Stefanović’s cabinet. Most recently, he was President (speaker) of the Parliament in the 3rd Parliament.

Arts & Education Secretary – Simor de Jena

Simor de Jena is Noa Dargany’s confidant in the 11th government. A Dargany loyalist, de Jena was Dargany’s deputy leader in the party, and served in the same portfolios she has in the new cabinet. De Jena is a professor a the Isadoran University and has been involved with the Liberals since the 2017 constitutional referendum, when she led the pro-reform campaign which the Liberals supported.

She is the only kirág (“New Valtirian”, that is, Southerners who became citizens after Haronos) in the cabinet.

Botany & Welfare Secretary – Shassel Marlaryen

Marlaryen is one of the three secretaries who were part of Dargany’s government, and he is also the new Deputy Leader of the party, replacing de Jena who resigned upon Dargany’s defeat in the election. A former Pashqari right’s activist and co-founder of the now defunct Pashqari People’s Party, Marlaryen was a prominent figure of the Sabioveronese left until 2016, even serving as Shounn Virny’s commerce secretary as part of the Artists’ Guild. Marlaryen joined the Liberals in 2016.

The Marlaryen family once held considerable influence in Pashqari Verona, and Shassel himself was called Verona’s ashaqür (“beloved son”). Despite his position in the blue party, Marlaryen is close to many politicians in the Democratic side, and his relationship with the Leader of the Opposition Apollo Cerwyn is a sort of “open secret” in Darmosari.


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