Tied-up and down: opinion poll shows two parties level with each other

Approval ratings

Chart of the surveyed approval ratings in the 26-11 Isadoran University poll

The first opinion poll ahead of the 2019 election, which must be held before June, shows Democrats and Liberals level with each other at 48%, with 4% of the surveyed stating they didn’t know who they would vote for in the next electoral contest.

The poll, released by the Isadoran University Monday (26-11-2018), also surveyed the approval ratings of major power players in Darmosari. Opposition leader Apollo Cerwyn appears to be the most popular politician in Sabia and Verona, as 62% of respondents said they have a favorable view of the Democratic leader. His opposite, prime minister Andrew Blackhorse, is slightly less popular at 57%, which is still a good number considering the Liberal leader took office just over a month ago with a tumultuous rise to power.

The deputy leaders of both parties are in much better positions than their respective bosses. Liberal party deputy Shassel Marlaryen has an approval rating of 71%, while Democratic party deputy Soraya Hreti shares the approval rating of her superior, at 62%, but is less known among respondents, with 24% saying they didn’t know who she was. The most divisive figure in Sabioveronese politics appears to be deputy PM (and former PM) Shounn Virny, whose approval rating of 52% is the lowest among the surveyed politicians.

The most popular MP in the list is the Democrat Snø Jens-Galieri, with 71%, whose widespread appeal pales in comparison to the unanimous approval of his husband, the Hon. Baron Léon Jens-Galieri (Supreme Court magistrate), who was favorably viewed by 100% of the surveyed respondents and, by also being known to the entire sample, is officially the most popular figure in Sabia and Verona.

The Supreme Court magistrates and regional governors are the most popular figures overall, occupying the first spots. The Hon. Baron Anton Schubert-Moss is the most divisive of the magistrates, but stands to be the fourth most popular name among the surveyed.

Overall, none of the surveyed politicians have an unfavorable perception in the electorate’s eyes. Those who were less known to the respondents, whoever, may have reason to be concerned: in such a small nation as Sabia and Verona, it’s a wonder how they can remain unknown to the public.


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