A cabinet romance: Blackhorse and de Jena confirm relationship

The PM and the cabinet secretary have confirmed to The SiV Phonograph that they have been dating for a couple of months now, and are engaged to marry.

De Jena, who currently serves as secretary of the arts and education, has held her posts since 2017, when she took office under Noa Dargany. An economics professor at the Isadoran University, de Jena first entered politics as the campaign chair of the pro-constitutional reform campaign for the 2017 referendum. After that, she was appointed by the Liberal majority at the ensuing constitutional assembly as the first speaker of the assembly.

Blackhorse and De Jena

Blackhorse and de Jena

Typically seen as a staunch Dargany supporter, de Jena was the former PM’s deputy party leader and backed her in October’s leadership constest, instead of the challenger, Blackhorse.

“Our politics and our relationship are separate affairs”, said de Jena. “We have different stances on many things, and we are confident in our maturity to understand and accept those differences.”

The announcement of the ministerial couple’s engagement was met with support from the entire Valtirian community. Congratulatory messages were issued by HRH the King, all members of the cabinet, as well as Dargany and other members of the Liberal bloc. Opposition leader Apollo Cerwyn also congratulated Blackhorse and de Jena.

The couple have not given details on their future wedding. “At the moment every cabinet member is focused on the many pressing issues in our agenda,” said Blackhorse.


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