Government & opposition reach deal on New Frontier


The parties involved in the New Frontier negotiations: to the left, the Democratic opposition, to the right, the Liberal government

The Secretary of Botany and Welfare, Shassel Marlaryen, announced the negotiations on the New Frontier plan had concluded with a deal. As a result, Sabia and Verona will annex a swath of land south of Gonn in what is posed to be the largest acquisition of territory in the Kingdom’s history.

The New Frontier plan was Prime Minister Blackhorse’s flagship project when he assumed the premiership in October. Now, after months of negotiations with the Opposition (a special majority is required to modify the nation’s borders, according to the Constitution), the Liberals’ much-anticipated project will be realized.

It is still unclear what the government offered the Opposition to get the Democratic Party to greenlight New Frontier, but close aides have confided on The Phonograph that the Liberals may have turned to HRH the King to interject in their favor. This week, HRH decreed an expansion of territory in the Grand Duchy of Rai, a constituent state of the Abeldane Empire over which he reigns, which would grant the two nations a land border when New Frontier’s proposed land is annexed.

Though no dates have been spelled out by either party on when New Frontier will be executed, it is likely that the required special bill will be part of the next parliament meeting’s agenda.


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