Sabia and Verona annexes new territories after Parliament vote

doga brungberti

Outlined: Doga Runann, Sabia and Verona’s newest claimed territory

After a prolongued vote, MPs voted to annex new land to the South as per the New Frontier plan, originally proposed by the government. The vote passed with unanimous support from both parties, as a deal between the government and the opposition was struck last week following months of negotiations.

The new territory consists of a 0.05 square kilometer strip of green land south of Gonn, which will now be known as Doga Runann, in honor of Runa-Lisandra Karjasari, Countess of Sainte-Bérénice, a member of the royal house of Karjasari. Additional subdivisions of the new territory will also be named in honor of historical figures of Sabia and Verona.

The new territory will not border any other Sabioveronese claims, but it will border the Abeldane state of Rai, which is ruled by King Tarik.

The passing of this project represents a major victory for Prime Minister Blackhorse, who gained his position in an internal party leadership spill against former PM Noa Dargany over her inability to come through with the New Frontier plan. The greater part of Blackhorse’s administration, in office since October, has been spent negotiating with the Democratic opposition to strike a deal on New Frontier.

Now, Sabia and Verona’s territory doubled by the new annexed land, Blackhorse can proudly boast of a delivered promise, as territorial expansion has long been a major goal of the Liberal agenda.

It is yet unknown what Blackhorse promised the opposition in exchange for Democratic support for New Frontier. It’s known that the name of the territory was a compromise between both parties, as the figure of the Countess of Sainte-Bérénice is widely revered in Sabia and Verona and is seen as a neutral safe choice. The Democrats’ proposed name for the new territory’s was Doga Bruñberti, in honor of former prime minister Napoléon Bleuberrie (Bruñberrí, in Sabian). Some Democrats still revere Bleuberrie as a political idol and ideologue to their party. In part, the Liberals originally proposed the territory to be known as Doga Koverxinn, in honor of former conservative PM Osez Kóvérsz.


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