Cerwyn stands by Hreti, says government is “pluralistic in views”


Apollo Cerwyn and Soraya Hreti

Following days of uncertainty regarding the status of the government’s Secretary of Education, Soraya Hreti, in the eve of the publishing of her explosive opinion piece on The Phonograph, the Prime Minister has broken his silence and stood by Hreti in a short public conference held in the late Tuesday hours (17-12-2019).

Standing literally by Hreti’s side, Apollo Cerwyn acknowledged the plushology professor’s editorial had caused some discomfort among many citizens and touched on “complex, unresolved issues of our recent past”. Nonetheless, the PM defended Hreti against her critics by highlighting Sabia and Verona’s “longstanding tradition of free speech”.

The Education Secretary’s opinion piece on the status of the Northern territories and the Sabioveronese citizens living there rapidly became one of the most polarizing topics in the nation. According to Hreti herself, the issue of the legacy of Haronos is “entangled in a wider chain of conceptions and idiosyncracies that make up the foundation of our Valtirian national identity”. The professor recognizes her views are controversial.

Cerwyn stated that his government is “pluralistic in views”, and added that while he disagrees with many of Hreti’s opinions, he wouldn’t “close the lid” on the ensuing discussion that has followed the publishing of the polarizing editorial.

When asked whether the government or the party were planning on introducing any sort of legislation to usher the broader reforms in the North for which Hreti advocated in her opinion piece, the Prime Minister maintained that there was nothing in the government’s agenda that wasn’t already of public matter.


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