Sabia and Verona

Our flag has a seven-pointed green star where commonly you would see a red leaf.

The Kingdom of Sabia and Verona is a South American micronation, an unrecognized self-declared sovereign state. It was founded in 2012 by its current King Tarik Karjasari. Our claimed territory consists chiefly of patches of land surrounded by the South American nations of Argentina andVenezuela.

A peculiar feature of Sabia and Verona, which makes it unique among other micronations is that most of its citizens are stuffed toys. Stuffed toys make up at least 90% of the population, and they are members of the government and the Parliament and society in general.

The Kingdom takes pride in its rich culture and traditions, which have been an essential part of Sabia and Verona’s existence ever since its foundation. Sabia and Verona counts with its own language, Sabian, and many other cultural traits such as its own cuisine, a state church (the Church of Pahunism), an extensive and fantastic mythology and a number of fun and creative holidays. Essential micronation stuff!

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