Decision 2020: Democrats win in landslide as Liberals suffer worst result since 2014


Electoral Commission president Maximilien Gauvier announcing the results at 20:00 Alios time

Apollo Cerwyn and the Democrats have secured their place at the Tairagiħrét for another year as voters rewarded the government with nearly 60% of the votes, while the Liberals suffer their worst result since before Haronos.

The prime minister celebrated in modest fashion as he and the rest of the cabinet ate pastries at the Democratic Party headquarters at Storni 100, in the Darmosari district of Alios. In a brief address to the press after the results were announced at 20:00 Alios time, Cerwyn thanked the Valtirian people for the clear mandate and promised his government would “keep up the good work”.

With 59.23% of the vote and 13 (out of 21) seats in the upcoming Parliament, Cerwyn now counts with an ample working majority to form a second government.

DECISION2020 graph

The mood at the Liberals’ campaign headquarters in Kotavari was somber. With just a little over 37% of the general vote, the blue party has been dealt a fatal blow that saw it lose both in Alios and Gonn, the latter of which had always granted its majorities to the Liberals. The catastrophic results in Alios, where the party only acquired around 27% of the vote, means former prime minister and party leader Noa Dargany will not sit in the 6th Parliament.

Speaking to mbirág aliosin, liberal leader Shounn Virny admitted the result was “beyond disappointing,” but ruled out resigning in the near future as party leaders traditionally have after bad results. According to Virny, the party’s leadership would “need to discuss [the] strategy going forward and understand where [we’ve] gone wrong.” The party leader stated that he’d already called Cerwyn to congratulate him on his victory.

As Noa Dargany has lost her seat in Alios, the 7th place in the Democrats’ party list, former Alios governor Étienne Boulin will now take her place. It is the first time Boulin will sit in the legislature since before Haronos. In Gonn, despite the Democrats having surpassed the Liberals in number of votes, the shorter distance in percentages means the distribution of seats will remain unchanged due to a counting decision by the Electoral Commission regarding marginal votes.

The new Parliament, the sixth since Haronos and the fourth since the adoption of the new constitution, must convene on or before the 3rd of June, when the sitting parliament’s mandate expires.

6th Parliament

Composition of the upcoming 6th Parliament


One response to “Decision 2020: Democrats win in landslide as Liberals suffer worst result since 2014

  1. As a right-winger, I feel sorry for the Liberals. In a two-party system, only having 37% of the votes is a bad sign. Cerwyn is a tough opponent, so they could stay for years in the opposition. However, as a statesman I do appreciate the Democrats’ landslide victory, and I am looking forward to seeing how will they use this amazing majority.

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