Referendum in Abrelia


During the Legislative Courts’ controversial meeting this afternoon, a motion requesting the approval of a speedy referendum in the Veronan municipality of Abrelia has passed. The referendum will be key to decide whether the municipality shall remain leaded by its current Lieutenant Secretary, Cameron Green of the Righteous Faith League. According to the legislator that proposed the referendum, Gonzalo Salomé of Verona, citizens of the municipality are unhappy with their Lieutenant Secretary’s political affiliation. As it is known, the Righteous Faith League (OBL) has negative views on the presence of Verona in the region, and controversial (and rather insulting) remarks on Verona and its population are found in the OBL’s code, the Righteous Faith Manifesto.

According to Salomé, “it is simply ridiculous to pretend that a member of a political party that has publicly insulted the people of Verona leads a Veronan municipality“. Protests had been made in the Veronan municipality since Green’s transition from the Unity Party to the OBL.

The referendum will be held next May 9, and if the people of Abrelia decide to destitute Green from his office, the municipality will be in charge of the Ministry for Home and Demographics, currently headed by Snø Jens.

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