Sabia and Verona celebrates 5th national anniversary


National Day celebrations in Kotavari, Gonn

On 20 October 2012, the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona was founded as an overseas territory of Juclandia by the Great National Assembly of that nation, two days after the first Sabioveronese Courts gathered in Saint Enric on 18 October. Today, five years later, a very different nation continues honoring the legacy of its former overlord, having developed its own culture, traditions and society along the way.

Celebrations were held across the nation today, with the bulk of the party taking place in the Gonn region in the South, where citizens gathered and listened to music. Prime Minister Noa Dargany, as well as opposition figures, took part of the celebrations, leaving politics aside as the populace enjoyed a particularly warm spring day. King Tarik gave his traditional National Day speech in Alios, in which he praised the Kingdom’s position as a “leading member of the MicroWiki community”, and an “example of stability“, pointing to the Sabia and Verona’s inclusion in the Grand Unified Micronational and the development of further ties with other community nations.

The hashtag, #lei5daši (in Sabian, “it’s been 5 years”) was used by Sabioveronese users on Twitter, where other micronations like Karnia-Ruthenia and Occitania congratulated Sabia and Verona on the auspicious occasion.

Parliamentary activities are expected to resume in the coming days, after September’s ordinary parliament session was rescheduled by atanói president Donnel Seaworth.



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