2019 regional and local elections: Democrats hold and gain to rule over the South

Andreina Rossini

Democrat Andreina Rossini, Governor-elect of Alios (archive)

The map of Sabia and Verona has been painted red as Democratic prefects held their ground and Democratic challengers won the few districts they didn’t govern.

In Kotavari and Sato, the incumbent prefects Amanita Aħari and Rosso Gomu were re-elected (Aħari with less, Gomu with more votes than in 2018), while Jens clan scion Berth Jens won Monesari for the Democrats in a re-match of the 2018 race against Liberal Marie-Antoinette Arosaky. This means the three prefectures of Gonn are now governed by the Red Party.

Gonn governor Dovedán Pashor also managed to keep his seat, increasing his vote share against the Liberals’ Balthassár Valoty, former secretary of intelligence.

The big question of the night was who would win the governorship in Alios, which has been governed uninterruptedly since 2015 by Étienne Boulin, a career politician from the Valtir who has typically sided with the Democrats despite remaining officially an independent. By the time the last votes were being tallied, it was clear the winner was Andreina Rossini, a Democratic big shot who who also hails from the North. Rossini won against Liberal heavyweight and former president of the Parliament, Dímeros Grenouille, who is a sitting MP and did not step down from his seat to campaign. Grenouille will remain in office in Parliament.


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