Starlynn & Bennet to launch Sabian-language news blog


First edition of Sourg ê Mourg, the newspaper of the National Artists’ Guild (2015)

The Sabioveronese media monopoly Starlynn & Bennet have announced the foundation of a new media outlet that will publish news stories in both Sabian and English. The move comes after the company’s CEO, Orion Bennet, met with Arts Secretary Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier: the Secretary has been hard at work with the iderá sabin! campaign, a government-concerted effort to promote the use of the Sabian language.

According to Bennet, the new outlet, which will be called mbirág aliosin (“The Alios Interpreter”), will publish short articles and profiles on Instagram. The articles will be both in Sabian and English, in order to appeal to English-speaking readers, who might understandably have trouble getting by in Sabian.

Mbirág will be the second-ever Sabian-language publication, after Sourg ê Mourg, the short-lived mouthpiece of the defunct National Artists’ Guild. Sourg ê Mourg was published on a daily basis and was written in Middle Sabian, an obsolete version of the modern Sabian spoken today.


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