Newsletter: Annenak, Lycem and the upcoming elections


Isadora Annenak was selected by King Ciprian to become the next Governor

The past two weeks have represented a lot to the Garrshirian sector. The political climate is experimenting a climax of bipolarity as Sabia remains smooth and stable and Lycem is just beginning a new chapter in its history with its transition to democracy.

Last April 20 represented a lot of changes for good in Sabia and Lycem. In Sabia-Verona, my term as Governor expired after six months of presiding over what is now the longest-lasting, most stable micronation of the entire Garrshirian family. Now, my position and my title belong to a dear friend of mine whose name has been mentioned several times in the annals of Garrshirian history before, Isadora Annenak. Annenak became Governor of Sabia and Verona as approved by King Ciprian a few weeks ago, and she pronounced her oath last April 22, in a modest ceremony in which I proudly handed her my power for the next six months. By the time her term ends, Sabia and Verona will be a year old already.

In Lycem, last April 20th I renounced to my royal titles and benefits. I officially disestablished the monarchy when my regent handed the power back to me. The Lycene people now has a Constitution that has been written from scratch, and Lycem is now officially the Lycene People’s Republic. The situation certainly reminded me of when the monarchical State of Berin became the Republic of Berin. This time, I was democratically elected for a limited term and without monarchical titles or pretentions.

On the other hand, elections are coming in Sabia and Verona. On 31 May Sabia and Verona will hold its second free and fair elections. This time, contrasting to the last election of December 2012, there is a larger range of candidates and options, and the population growth will certainly represent more votes. The four candidates are Amaro Perdeut, current Minister in Osez Kóvérsz’ cabinet and member of the Unity Party, from Caenia; Napoléon Bleuberrie, former PM and leader of the Socialist Party, probably one of the most influential Sabioveronese citizens and the two ‘secondary’ candidates from new parties, the Anton Schubert-Moss from the revolutionary Free Suyu Front and Ryam Piper from the quirky Strawberry Party that I have just recently founded. All four candidates are probably going to receive support in a very sectorised way, since political parties in Sabia and Verona are settled in specific municipalities and their support is mostly concentrated in those municipalities, thanks to the new association citizenship established by the Ministry for Home and Demographics.

Although election results are not quite clear, the victory is assured for either Perdeut or Bleuberrie. Support for the FSF and the AM is not big enough yet to win the elections, even by a miraculous small percent.

As the Sabioveronese political sphere starts to cool down and the path starts to get clearer and clearer, Lycem still awaits harsh times that will require the support of the entire Lycene people, and eventually, the Micronational Community.

Tarik Kârjasary.


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