Pashqar language: official

Ann Stefanović with her children Dmitri and Vladimir with Pashqari rapper Tabare Dëkh with Pashqari and Sabioveronese flags.

Ann Stefanović with her children Dmitri and Vladimir with Pashqari rapper Tabare Dëkh with Pashqari and Sabioveronese flags.

Today the third Legislative Courts have met in the Lirvetta Ana of Salisse to discuss the issues of this new term, the grievances of the Sabioveronese people and the diverse aspects of the recent political climate in the region. It was not too long before the persistent issue of the Pashqar language, that has been mentioned a lot in the last two months, came into discussion by hand of the legislator for Tegula Apollo Cerwyn of the Strawberry Party. Bill #045 proposed the officialisation of the Pashqar language and its governmental use alongside the Sabian language. As Cerwyn finished to read the motion, the environment started to heat in the Chamer of Meetings of the Lirvetta Ana.

Before the voting started, a series of arguments flew across the Chamber of Meetings. From left to right, there was not a single legislator who could keep quiet. For a moment while everyone stopped arguing a joke came from Elinore representative Petyr Cohen, who whispered, ignoring the fact everyone was listening, “What a great way to start the first meeting!“. The act had attracted a crowd of locals, and the discussion had started in the public as well, with insults in Sabian and Pashqar being yelled with one voice alongside the legislators of the Courts. Finally, it was the First Secretary and Chairperson of the Courts, Napoléon Bleuberrie, who set order. The voting was made in suspense. The crowd that had gathered outside the Lirvetta Ana was in silence as well, waiting for a decision to cut the athmosphere.

Finally, Bleuberrie spoke. Twelve in favour, eight against the official use of the Pashqar language alongside Sabian for the Government. Outside, several voices celebrated in excitement. All across Salisse the people celebrated in all the tongues of the region, Sabian, Spanish, English and now also Pashqar. The news traveled fast through Sabia and then it reached Verona, where the Pashqaris rejoiced. Music played until late night in Tegula, Abrelia, Salisse and Aguasblancas. Back in the Lirvetta Ana, legislator Valentina Giallosso of Tegula waved a Pashqari tricolour while the crowd outside clapped in approval.

Lt. Secretary Ann Stefanović approached and asked for the Chamber of Meetings to be opened. The guards at the gates quickly consulted Sr. Bleuberrie, and upon his permission the Chamber was opened. As the happy crowd entered the Lirvetta Ana, pro-Pashqar legislators hugged anti-Pashqar legislators. In the crowd could be devised Rhaegal Marlaryen, leader of the PMM, also waving a Pashqari flag in one hand, and a Sabioveronese flag in the other.

The Pashqar language’s officialisation is inmediate and irreversible. The Pashqar tongue is now protected as cultural heritage of the region by the Sabioveronese government, and its dismissal is to be considered unconstitutional.

Among the opposers of the introduction of the Pashqar language several Unity Party members were involved. In response, Lt. Secretary Stefanović has said she feels “ashamed” of her party. Rumours of her intentions to leave the CeM had been rounding the Sabioveronese government since the last elections.

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